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Accountability Made Easy

In this course, you will be guided along the road to accountability, which has worked exceedingly well for Darren through his corporate work life and in his own entrepreneurial lifestyle business.

You will learn the steps to becoming more accountable as you work towards achieving your goals and getting stuff done.
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Course Lessons

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Darren Finkelstein

Darren Finkelstein is known as The Accountability Guy®, something he’s quite proud of due to being known for something so crucial to a business’s success. By holding people to account he genuinely enjoys making a difference in people’s businesses and personal lives.

Having lived an extensive entrepreneurial journey filled with highs, lows, great achievements and success, Darren has over 30 years of experience in the corporate world and small business. He brings solid skills and an informed perspective to the table, confirming he is someone who walks the talk.
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